What is Physiotherapy?

Core Principles

Physiotherapy assists in a wide range of dysfunction, pain and injury, using methods that have been tried and tested through stringent, controlled trials and vast clinical experience. Our physiotherapy services take a-hands on approach to reducing pain and improving physical ability. We will take the time to accurately assess the cause of the problem and your therapist will devise a plan to relieve it.

Our physiotherapists are experienced. We have and Read more...continue to provide treatment to some of Australia’s highest performers. We pride ourselves on delivering this same treatment to all of our local community.

Our aim is to be the physiotherapists you can trust to relieve your pain and improve your performance.

Consultation Process

You don't need a referral to see a Physiotherapist. Our treatment consists of a thorough assessment to understand your condition and you may be requested to bring any previous x-rays or scans. If necessary, we are able to refer you for x-rays to the spine or pelvis and you will receive hands-on treatment to improve your condition.

Massage Therapy

Keeping in line with our ‘hands-on’ approach, if the therapist is experienced, massage therapy is one of the most beneficial and effective treatments to relieve pain. You will feel the results and understand the benefits once you experience a one hour massage in our clinic. Our massage therapists are trained to understand injuries and to ensure treatment is not vague and generalized. We understand that one of the most dissatisfying experiences is to have a massage that achieves nothing. Our massage therapist, Jung Woon Chung is experienced in acupuncture as well and the results are incredible.

Aquatic Physiotherapy

Hydrotherapy is often an essential form of rehabilitation, focusing on diminishing weight through the musculoskeletal structure, whilst being able to exercise effectively. The temperature of the water is also a soothing treatment in itself. Various forms of equipment are also added for flotation and resistance so that progression can be achieved. Our highly qualified staff will educate you in the best form of exercise in the pool, according to your age and condition, or injury. This is also a very cost effective way for you to rehabilitate into the future.

Pilates Studio

Our physiotherapists are trained in clinical pilates. This is designed to be very specific to your injury. We have pilates reformers, trapeze table & thoracic stretch boards to tone and stretch the body to improve performance or alleviate pain. It is an essential form of exercise to improve core stability for all levels. It is often used in treating back and neck pain or improving performance for sporting activities. Your body alignment, strength and stretching ability will be tested and with effort, improvement is guaranteed.

Strength & Performance

Are you lacking strength, or just feel that you wouldn’t know what to do at a gym? Is your posture or general health and fitness declining with age? Do you feel a lack of energy or enthusiasm after working long hours? If any of the above are occurring, you need a tailored exercise programme. We can also review whether your current programme is appropriate. Over the last 10 years we have found that many people injure themselves trying to stay fit by either incorrect technique or not respecting existing injuries. We will show you how to effectively exercise safely well into the future.

Video Analysis

It is essential that your feet, knees, hips and spine are aligned. You need to be shown if this is not occurring, as wear and tear or pain will result. The earlier the alignment is improved, the better the long-term result of reducing injuries or dysfunction. Our video analysis will allow you to see problems with your posture in static positions such as standing or dynamic movements such as running. Our aim is to improve this alignment and effectively help you understand why we are trying to achieve it.